About Us

We believe in the power of surprise
(to build brands, solve problems and kindly take over the world)

Heat exists to bring powerful, brilliant, creative ideas to life. The kind of ideas that catch you off guard. Or make you smile. Ideas that bring people in and make them a part of the journey. Told with wit and craft, beauty and design. They can be big or small, sexy or subtle. They know no medium and know no bounds. And they’re a better alternative than bludgeoning people’s eyes and ear. Unless you actually manufacture bludgeons. In that case we’d make an exception.

We find human truths and present them in new and surprising ways. This is the most effective way to combat the fact that all advertising is an interruption. By focusing on great creative, we make sure the interruption is worth it.

But great ideas are nowhere without the right audience. So when the ideas are ready for the limelight, we ensure they’re delivered to the right people in the most innovative, most effective way at that exact moment. Because tomorrow everything could change and the answer may be totally different. We’re basically cartographers of a constantly changing media ocean. We even have a sextant. It sits right next to our typewriter.

Oh, and we’re serious about the take over the world part. Our grandeur is not in the least bit delusional. And we say this part without conceit: we believe we can do anything with the right idea. We can absolutely take over the world. We help our clients do it everyday. While crushing no souls in the process. We just like it better that way.